Finger Exercises to Improve Your Typing Skills

Whether you play guitar on the side or you type on the computer all day, you may want to improve the speed and agility of your fingers. This may sound like a silly concept because most people don’t think about finger exercises. However, a simple workout of your digits may make a big difference in terms of how quickly you type on the computer. The main intent is to get the blood flowing in your fingers before you start going to town on the computer. Here are the specific exercises that you can use to help your fingers get loose before you type.

Squishy Grabs

Grab a tennis ball, a squeeze master, or anything squishy that your fingers can get a grip on when you hold it in your fist. Squeeze and alternate your hands for about five minutes. Doing this at other times of the day is a good idea too. I actually started doing this after I started writing for a living because I was getting really bad cramps in my middle fingers. It hurt a bit at first, but after a while, it helped my muscles get used to the idea of being on the keyboard all the time.

Stretch Your Fingers

Stretching your fingers goes a long way in building finger flexibility. Don’t invite pain. Just do this till you are not comfortable, and then stop. You’ll see that you’re able to do more with time, gradually. Keep your palm face down on a table and push your fingers as far apart from each other as they would go, on their own. Then, using your other hand, gently push the fingers further apart, till you cannot do it comfortably any more. Maintain the position for a few seconds and then relax. Then do it on the other hand. Repeat five times overall. This is also something that you can do when you are sitting idle at other times of the day. The more you do it, the more flexible your fingers become and the further out you can reach on your keyboard.

You can do a similar exercise to this one, except that now you do it two fingers at a time for every pair of adjacent fingers. Hold your fingers up in front of you, two at a time, and then take them as far apart as they can. This will again stretch the fingers and help you type better in your CTU online classes.

Play Guitar

Guitarists use their fingers all the time, so becoming one may give you a better chance at typing. Try to locate a couple of simple exercises that go right across the fret of the guitar, something simple that still gives your fingers a good stretch. One of the best ways of stretching those fingers (after the exercises above) is to just have them run over the fretboard. Take it slow and give your fingers the breaks that they need.

Take a Break

You can’t type for hours on end without taking a break. That will actually slow you down over time. I type off and on for probably 12 hours a day, but even I know when to stop if I need to. If your eyes are starting to hurt or your fingers are crying in pain, take some time off.

Go take a nap or a relaxing bath to get your fingers feeling better. Then you will be able to get back to work refreshed again. Finger exercises can help you get through a day of typing with the minimal pain possible. You should give some a try today.

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