Getting a College Degree in Prison


I would never wish a prison sentence on someone, but if it happens to you, you still have a chance at getting a college education. I had to write an article about Chrisopher Zoukis a few months ago and it opened my eyes about education in the prison system. Chris Zoukis is an award winning author, poet, and essay writer that is currently serving time in jail. He has used that time to get a college education, all through the web. The article below chronicles his journey and the journey of others in prison who want to pursue a college degree.

Many of the top online colleges now offer opportunities for prisoners to get an education through their institutions. That is the beauty of online studies: they provide educational opportunities to those who would not have them otherwise. Zoukis has written countless articles about the impact education could have for people behind bars. By educating prisoners, we can provide them with a chance to be productive citizens when they get out of jail. The internet is starting to allow that to happen.
Most prisoners have trouble getting into college initially because they don’t have access to a lot of the people they would need to talk to for enrollment. This is especially true when it comes to getting financial aid. Nevertheless, prisoners can get into school online with the right amount of drive. Most of them can only attend school part time based on the amount of time they get on the internet. If they have a drive for learning though, they can get a degree.

The best part of prison education is that it gives prisoners something to do with their time behind bars. My father used to work as a recreational director for a prison, and he said most of the inmates spent their time contemplating what mischief they could get in. By providing an education for prisoners online, we can allow them to use their free time for good. That could make a big difference in their productivity when they get out.

Some people argue that prisoners shouldn’t have the chance to go to college because they’re supposed to spend their time in punishment. Getting an education may not be a punishment, but it is certainly not a game. Inmates have to work extremely hard at getting a college education because they do not get much time on the computer. The time they do get is mainly comprised of checking assignments and grades. They might as well have the chance to better themselves while they are in prison so they can better the country when they get out. This helps those of us who are not in prison just as much as it helps those who are in prison.



You can read about Chris Zoukis and his work with prison education, you can check out his blog on the internet. He also runs a prison education newsletter that you could look into for information about his work with prisoners and the education system. He is doing some amazing things for the prison system, and he’s still behind bars. Imagine what he’ll do when he is out of prison putting his college education to use.

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